Monday, February 27, 2012

Live Dead Conclusion

As I reflect on the Live Dead 30 Day Challenge, I have to say that overall it was a great experience.  I have not posted much lately, because of the usual excuses of being busy, but in addition to that, I wanted to digest the entire challenge prior to giving my final word on the topic.

I have learned a lot about myself, my faith, and the unreached around the world during the past 30 days (actually now its more like 50 days, but who's counting), but more than anything, I now value taking time every day to be in His presence more than I ever have.  I still struggle with the daily discipline of spending extravagant time with Him, because that is my busy, consumed, sometimes lazy, sinful nature, but I am now lightyears ahead of where I was several months ago.

I also find myself taking time to acknowledge smaller things in life that I never thought about before, as well as sending up "arrows" throughout the day as I witness people's needs or I'm reminded of a certain group of people who need something.

One product of the challenge is that I am now deeply convicted that I (and coincidentally Man Up) am being called to serve in Sudan.  I am still learning more about this war torn area of the world and I'm unsure as to the nature or timing of the project, but there are many pieces that seem to be falling into place to make it a natural fit for Man Up in the near future.

I have another item that has been weighing heavy on my heart that I hope to be able to announce soon, but the timing isn't quite right, so I'll save it for the next post.

Until then, LIVE DEAD and LOVE BIG!!