Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our special week: Day One and Two

We brought Zion home on Monday night.

He slept well and made little coo sounds all night as he slept.  It felt so good to have him next to us, safe and sound.  On Tuesday, Mitch attended a ceremony back at the orphanage.  I, unfortunately, was ill.  The nannies performed a coffee ceremony and made a special bread to share.  He also received the traditional outfit, so cute on him. 

Then, that afternoon, we had our embassy interview.  We thought it would be a true interview, but it was really just a quick signature.  This was it.  The final step in this journey.  The American embassy has approved for him to come to the states.  There is nothing that can stop us now.  I wanted to happy dance, but thought that may be inappropriate in a stoic governmental building.  ...and I'm not a good dancer either.

The end of the journey, the beginning of forever.

We left on Saturday morning and arrive in Ethiopia in the wee hours of Monday morning.  We were so excited to meet up with our dear friends, Anka and Andrew Weber.  We met them last December on our court trip and have fought this battle along side them every step.  They are such amazing friends and I cannot imagine going through this without them.  We woke up Monday morning to head to the orphanage.  The kids had moved to a new facility about one month ago and so we hadn't been to the new location.
As we pull up, you can hear the voices and cries of little ones.  My heart melts.  I am just a few minutes from holding my son and starting our lives as family, the way God intended.

First out comes Kibrom, a handsome 5 year old boy that will soon join his family in Wyoming.  He embraces his mom with a full clenched hug and a deep breath.  So great to see!  Then out comes, Tariku, Andrew and Anka's 2 1/2 year old boy.  He lights up when the nanny hands him to his emaya, his mommy!  It was as if he had been waiting just as long as all of us.  An instant connection that I will never forget seeing.
Lastly, the nanny says "Tegegn Abare"  Yes, yes, that's us!  Hurry! Please!  And there he is.  My little angel, my little son.  He is beautiful, perfect curls, big brown eyes and a huge smile.  The kind of smile that takes up his whole face, exposing his six little teeth. A contagious smile! She hands him to me and I melt, literally, I am flooded with love and relief.  He is perfect and he is ours forever! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I apologize for the delay for those of you trying to follow us along on our adoption journey.  I will now attempt to catch you up.  We got the email that we had cleared embassy on Wednesday 12/5.  We were absolutely thrilled!  It was exactly one year from the first time we met him....a painful times, an excruciating year....a year of unknowns....and a year of no control.  I say this with anger in my heart that this time was stolen from us, and him.  Time that is precious and never salvaged. But at the same time, I feel peace.  I have learned a greater understanding of patience and a deeper faith in the Lord, for which all things are possible.  In July, we were strongly encouraged to give up on Zion's adoption because it didn't appear to be a possibility.  At that point, we were devastated but said that we would continue to fight until he came home.  And we fought!  We fought with endless conference calls, emails, and prayers.  We so appreciate the flowing support of others during this time. We would not have been able to make it through without the love and encouragement of friends, family, and the facebook Ethiopian adoption support group!