Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our special week: Day One and Two

We brought Zion home on Monday night.

He slept well and made little coo sounds all night as he slept.  It felt so good to have him next to us, safe and sound.  On Tuesday, Mitch attended a ceremony back at the orphanage.  I, unfortunately, was ill.  The nannies performed a coffee ceremony and made a special bread to share.  He also received the traditional outfit, so cute on him. 

Then, that afternoon, we had our embassy interview.  We thought it would be a true interview, but it was really just a quick signature.  This was it.  The final step in this journey.  The American embassy has approved for him to come to the states.  There is nothing that can stop us now.  I wanted to happy dance, but thought that may be inappropriate in a stoic governmental building.  ...and I'm not a good dancer either.

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  1. So happy to see these posts this morning!

    Thank you Father for answering prayers and bringing this family together.

    Thanks for sharing your news.