Monday, July 30, 2012

Give1Save1 Feature

Many of our friends and family have been asking about our adoption and how it is progressing.  We have been rather quiet with it, because over the past few weeks, we haven't received a lot good news regarding Zion's situation and our ability to bring him home.  We have a lot of fight in us, and we are refusing to give up on him.  But, all of that fight takes additional resources to make it happen.  The good thing is that we have some great people with abundant knowledge who are on our side. is a great website with a ton of information for and about adoptive families.  Given our situation, they have decided to make us this week's feature family in an effort to bring awareness to the difficult situation in Ethiopia and help us with resources to continue our fight for Zion.  

Please take a moment to watch our feature video and visit to learn more!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Again School Project Update

An update from Shannon:

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see our school project in person. I had an idea what the ministry was and knew that it was special, but I wasn’t ready to fall in love with the people of the Home Again like I did. They are such anamazing group of people! We pulled up in the van and were met by a swarm of young kids clinging to us, longing to be held and loved. Their faces, so beautiful and pure; their hugs, so strong and true. I felt honored by their greeting.

Our group of 23 people met under a tree and Pastor Andrew explained his ministry and his vision. He truly is a disciple of the Lord and is full of compassion and love for those he serves. Then the women of the community put on a skit for us. There was no language barrier. The message was clear. The only way to have peace and happiness in your life is through knowing our savior, Jesus Christ. We were then entertained by some teenage girls performing a traditional Ugandan dance. After that, we split them into two groups: the children and the adults.

Three of the men on our team gave testimony as we painted the women’s nails. A little purple sparkle polish made the women smile with beauty! What a humbling experience, to dust the African mud off of my fellow sister’s toenails, and give her a little token of my love and respect.

Finally, we were able to see the start of the nursery school. Pastor Andrew was so proud to show off the beginning of this children’s ministry. The latrines were completed and there were men working on construction of the school itself. Our group gathered around the wood posts to pray for God’s guidance and blessings upon the project. I then was able to give Andrew an installment of money. We had an impromptu “ribbon” cutting ceremony. We didn’t have ribbon or scissors but the idea and celebration was a success.

I want to thank you again for your prayers and support. This nursery school project has become very dear to Mitch and I. We have been so blessed to have friends and family give us donations. At this time, we have raised $17,230 and are well on our way to our goal of $25,000. We aren’t done though. Please consider helping us finish this task with a financial donation. Anything short of the $25,000 goal will put the school operations in jeopardy in several months. Please continue to keep Pastor Andrew and the people of the Home Again Ministry in your prayers.