Monday, February 4, 2013

Man Up and Go 2013

Our mission at Man Up and Go is simple:  To compel men to bring hope by GOING to the fatherless, widows and oppressed.  We are called to fight for the least of these (Isa. 61) whether that is in your neighborhood or 7,000 miles away.  It is time to stand up for those who cannot standup for themselves.  So I challenge you to stop...pray and think about where you are called to GO; fight and bring hope by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the darkest and most hopeless places in America and in the World.  We are on the clock and it is time to do something.  Join us in the fight and do a canon 
ball into the Man UP and GO movement!!!  

[THIS is what Man UP is all about.  Stephen Elder and Cody Gordon in Korah, July 2011]

We are really excited to announce 3 Man Up trips (and more to come) ahead of us this summer.  These trips give you an opportunity to Man Up for Orphans and Widows.  There are 149 million orphans worldwide, and they need your help.  An even sobering fact is that there are 171 million fatherless children in the world.  Children need men  in their lives.    

It's an amazing opportunity to get your feet on the ground in Africa, love big on orphans, and see God in a new way.   

[Wynne Elder "Manning Up" in Korah on Man Up trip, July 2011]

Details about our trips:

  • Man Up Leadership Conference - Uganda
    • Dates:  May 28 - June 8, 2013
    • Leaders:  Mitch Hauschildt, Jason Clement, & Jeff Ford

  • Man Up Ethiopia & Uganda
    • Dates: June 5 - June 15, 2013
    • Leaders: Stephen Elder & Wynne Elder

  • Man Up Medical Team - Ethiopia
    • Dates:  August 1 - 11, 2-13
    • Leaders: Brady Stark & Lisa Stark

Find out more information on the movement and future trips at  Applications are due ASAP, so

pray about it & see if God is calling you to GO this summer! 

Sponsorship Program

If you haven't heard, we have officially launched the sponsorship program for the Home Again Ministry School in Jin-Ja, Uganda.  For $30/month, you can give a child hope and opportunity by ensuring they can get an education, at least 1 meal per day, and a safe place to go to learn every day.

I can personally attest that these children are amazing gifts to us and they need and deserve our care.  As with all of our ministry work, 100% of the money that is collected goes directly to the project.  We have absolutely no administration costs, making this extremely rare and valuable to donors.

You can learn more about sponsoring one of our precious children by emailing me at  I will send you pictures and descriptions of all of our children waiting to be sponsored for you to look over.  Once you decide which child you want to sponsor, just follow the simple directions that I will also send you to process your payment either monthly or yearly.  All donations are fully tax deductible.  We will also provide you with information as to how you can write your child and connect with them on a personal level.

Please consider partnering with us and sponsoring a child!!

T-Shirts are Back!

We are bringing back our most popular fundraiser to date...T shirt sales!  And, we are selling our most popular styles.  All shirts are the best quality available and ship to anywhere in the US for free.  For $20.00 each, you get a great looking shirt and a conversation starter about how you are helping to solve the world orphan crisis by giving children in Uganda an opportunity to attend school.  And, education is the hope that they need to prosper for the rest of their lives.

Our Puzzle shirt was specifically designed to support the Home Again Ministry School.    It is available in charcoal and is reminds you and others about how important it is that we support our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Man Up has become a battle cry for men (and women) who are following the God's call to minister to Orphans, widows and lost people around the world.  The front of the shirt has the official Man Up logo.  On the back, we are reminded to "Love and Protect the Fatherless."  The Man Up shirts are available in 5 different colors.  Pick yours today!

You can either order below or on the column to the right.  Thank you for supporting our projects!

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