Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 Day T Shirt Challenge!!

We have sold several shirt designs before and they have been great fundraisers and have helped us   But we have never done anything like this... 
share our project with people all over the world.

We are challenging our friends, relatives, loved ones, acquaintances, strangers, believers, and anyone else who is simply interested in helping us change the lives of children in Uganda.  Our goal is to sell 300 shirts in 30 days!  That's right, we are going to sell 300 shirts by October 2, 2013.  That sounds a bit crazy, but with your help, it is achievable.  But, we can’t do it without you! 

We need your help to share our challenge via social media, email, personal contacts, conversations, and most of all…purchase a shirt (or 2). 

We have a brand new design for 2013!  And, for the first time, we are offering several color options.  First, we are bringing back our traditional colors of a Charcoal shirt with our signature bright blue print.  We also have a black shirt option that really makes the artwork “pop”.  And, for those who wish to stand out in a crowd, we have a turquoise shirt.  All of them have our signature tag line “Another Piece to His Puzzle.” 

As with our last shirts, we only use the best quality shirt possible from Next Level Apparel.  They always stay soft and have a really comfortable fit. 

Why 300 shirts? 

By selling 300 shirts over the next month, we will be able to ensure that all 115 of the children that currently attend the Bethel Junior School will be able to continue learning and prospering through the end of 2013. 

It’s a great product, a great cause and at a great price…Only $20 each. 

And, because we have developed connections with a major shipping company, the price remains the same, even if you aren’t in the Springfield, MO area.  That’s right, shipping is included! 

Help us reach our most aggressive fundraising goal we have made to date.  This is your opportunity to support a truly life changing cause.  

Either click below or on the links to the right to start your order...it's fast, easy and you will never regret it!



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