Monday, January 16, 2012

Live Dead Challenge: Week 2

Week 2 for me was a lot about action.  There were other great topics this week, such as transparency (opening up to others, even when they may have wronged you), prophesy (attempting to see things as God sees them), and affirmation (emphasizing other's positive attributes).  But, for some reason, in a week where I struggled to get anywhere close to my daily 2.4 hours of extravagant time with Him, I kept getting hit in the face with repeated words of action.

Day 10 was about "Abandon" and being willing and able to answer the call to do whatever He wants, no matter where and when it is.  And then in day 11 I was given the instruction to pray "God, change me, and change the hearts of this unreached people in the same way you are changing me."  That statement is incredibly powerful for me right now, given my passion for unreached people and the orphans of the world, as well as a desire to open my heart more fully to Him.

Then today, day 14, the call is to simply "be more."  Be more for Him.  Be more to better present yourself to Him someday.  Be more for those around you.  We are in a society where we are constantly told to "do your best" (which is a bit of a struggle for me watching my 3 year old playing soccer).  Of course, there is a line where that is okay, but we truly do need to BE MORE.
"This generation needs to learn to eat less, sleep less, and pray more."  -Leonard Ravenhill
I wasn't just hit with the Live Dead Challenge on the words of action.  I viewed an Andy Stanley message online where he talked about the book of Nehemiah when Nehemiah is rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem.  In chapter 6, his enemies approached him to strike a deal to stop any further construction, but Nehemiah consistently retorts "I am doing a great work, and I cannot descend..."

What a powerful statement.  "I am doing great work, and I cannot descend..."  I can easily relate this to Man Up, as we truly are doing great work.  But, it can also relate to parenting, my field of work, mentoring young people, and so on.  This begs the question about everything in life, "is what I'm doing great work?"  And, if the answer is "no", then why am I doing it?  It isn't worth my time.  But, if it is, don't let other things get in the way, because I cannot and will not descend from my great work.

Action steps were also discussed by Pastor Tommy at the local North Point Church this week in the continuation of the series "MOVE."  His point is that we are (or should be) constantly moving in our spiritual life.  Make sure it you are moving the right direction.

The book, Fivestar Man, calls men to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit and use the skills and blessings that we have been given to prosper financially for our family and to be able to share those riches with those who are less fortunate.

The greatest thing about the week is that in the midst of all of the words of encouragement from multiple areas, I have been blessed with tremendous opportunities to MOVE and BE MORE in my work, Man Up, and family life.  And, all of these blessings occurred in a week that I didn't commit myself to the extravagant time with Him that I have been striving for each day.

I am tremendously blessed and have a huge desire to "be more" with everything.  I guess that means I need to "be less" with sleep.  That's okay as well.  If it means being more to those around me and to make myself more presentable to Him, then count me in.

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