Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Holidays!!

Speaking on behalf of Pastor Andrew and everyone at Home Again Ministries, I want to start by wishing you a belated Happy Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas!  The Lord has blessed us all immensely and we are so thankful for everything He has given us.  We are also optimistic about the future of the ministry and the Bethel Junior School.
There are a number of exciting things going on at the ministry and we hope that you will continue to support us with your prayers, time, and financial resources. 
Recent successes:
·      First, the Bethel Junior School continues to move along nicely.  The children are eagerly learning and the school continues to create a buzz in the area because of the high quality education that is being provided to the children of Masese.
·      Our fall T-shirt fundraiser was a huge success, raising over $4000 for the school, ensuring the operational expenses will be covered through late February.

·      Thanks to a generous donation this fall, we have recently started the final stages of construction for the grades 2 and 3 classrooms.  This will allow the school to continue to grow by adding 2nd grade in February of 2014.   

·      Recently, the women that the Home Again Ministry serves have benefited from vocational learning opportunities in the areas of sewing and hair dressing.  The ladies feel very blessed to be able produce clothing for their families, as well as provide an employment opportunity for women who otherwise struggle to provide for themselves and their children.  As pastor Andrew put it recently in an email, “This is true empowerment!”  

Making Fishers of Men
While we can attempt to continue to provide all of these people’s needs for the future through fundraising and donations, we would prefer to equip them to support themselves.  We feel strongly that we want to empower the people of Uganda with knowledge and opportunities for self-sustainment.  Helping the ministry start its own business units gives them control over their ministry in the future and provides valuable jobs for those who are associated with the ministry.
Soon we will begin construction on a 2-room chicken coop, which will be home to an egg production business.  With an initial investment of $4300, we will be able to build the coop and purchase 300 egg-producing chickens.  The eggs produced within this business will provide about half of the monthly financial needs of the Bethel Junior School.  It will also provide valuable jobs for the people in the area.  The ministry was blessed with a generous $1300 donation from St. Henry’s Church in Marshalltown, Iowa that will be used to begin construction on the chicken coop.  That leaves us needing $3000 to make this project a reality. 
By assisting the ministry with initial start up costs for the business, we can empower the local people to provide for themselves.  This allows the ministry to be self-sustaining and assist with long-term growth.  This also allows the ministry and church leaders to have greater control over the future of their own projects and needs.    
Other Needs

The egg production business is our first priority at this point because of its money making potential.  We do have a variety of other needs as well.  Please pray and consider helping us meet these needs:
·      Finish the title work for the school land
o   The land that the school sits on was recently paid in full.  However, the government requires some substantial title work performed before the school can officially claim full ownership.  The approximate cost of this work is $2000.
·      Long term partners to meet the school’s monthly expenses
o   The operating expenses are currently paid into the fall, but with an increase in classrooms, comes more expenses with more teachers, food, etc.  Monthly operating expenses are approximately $1750 per month and can be covered either by child sponsorships or general donations.
·      Purchase land for future expansion
o   Pastor Andrew has verbal agreements with the owners of the land that lies adjacent to the school to purchase the land as needed in the future for more students and classrooms.  This dollar amount is not determined at this time, but will be a focus once the funding for the operating expenses is secured.
·      Vocational Programs for the mothers of the children
o   The long-term goal of this program is to help children and their families (and ultimately the school) to be self-sustaining through education, love and support.  Several programs have already started to provide education and skills to the adult women in the area, but we hope to have more programs in the future to assist these women to support themselves and their families.    

Sponsorship Program

For the continued success of the school, we need to establish long-term funding opportunities for the operational needs of the school.  The best means to pay for the long-term expenses is with a child sponsorship program.  In the spring, we launched the Bethel Junior School/Home Again Ministry Sponsorship Program.  For only $30 a month, you can make sure that a child has the opportunity to attend school every day.

As always, donations for the sponsorship program are fully tax deductible.  We have established a relationship with Christian Aid to handle the money for our sponsorship program.  Not only are they a wonderful organization to partner with, they ensure that 100% of your sponsorship dollars go directly to the school. 

You have the option of paying monthly or yearly and there are a variety of payment methods available to fit your needs.  We also have pictures and descriptions for you to look over and choose which child you would like to sponsor.  This allows you, as the child’s sponsor, to connect with them through letters and prayers if you wish.  Please consider sponsoring a child today.

If you have contributed in the past, we thank you greatly.  If you have been hesitant for one reason or another, I encourage you to jump in and help these beautiful people get a well-deserved start to life. Please consider partnering with us, both with financial assistance and prayers.

May God Continue to Bless You!

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