Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 1...

Our flights went well, LONG but well.  By well I mean no major delays and the gift of an exit row.  I was wishing I were one of those people who can just sleep anywhere, in any position, like the guy next to me, or like old men at the mall.  We got to the guesthouse around 11:30 pm and crashed. 

The first day of our “court trip” in Ethiopia started with breakfast at the guesthouse.  Banana bread and coffee.  Then our driver, who we will call “Z”, took us to a boy’s orphanage.  It is called Mark 10, named for Mark 10:14 which reads:

Let the children come to me, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as they”

What an amazing group of young men!  Ages 10-17, they were invited off the streets and are choosing to better their lives through school and worship.  Mitch played some futbol (soccer) with them.  Quick ‘lil guys, he got schooledJ  Such a  humbling experience to see these people who are so poor in material things but rich in the greater things, love and hope. 

We then went on to a town favorite, Kaldi’s Coffee Shop.  Delicious frappuccino!  
Next, we went to a transitional home for Children’s Hope Chest.  This home had 15 boys and 2 girls. They are there to depart from the drugs and crime on the streets, in hope to return to their own families or on to a long-term orphanage.

Mitch really enjoyed playing foosball with them.  I taught them a clapping game and my heart melted a little more with each of their giggles. 

We rounded out the day with a little souvenir shopping and came back to the guesthouse for dinner. 

This being my first experience of “mission work”, it was a difficult, painful yet rewarding day. A few promises were made:
I promised to those young beautiful faces that I will be back to see them again. 
I promised to those warm little hearts that they are worthy and deeply loved.
I promised myself that I will always pray for them to the Lord our God for peace and comfort.
I promised God that I will continue to support those in need, however I can.  My work here is not done.
I promised Mitch that my life is forever changed……….for the better!

Love,  Shannon


  1. Awesome guys! So glad you guys got to go there. Meron at Hope for Hopeless is one of the girls featured on the Alem House video - praying for you guys, I'm sure Zelalem is taking great care of you!

  2. crying tears of joy as I read this! shannon it's so fun to see YOU in the middle of all those precious ethiopians! your life will NEVER be the same! to him be the glory - can't wait to hear more about yalls triP!!!!!