Monday, December 5, 2011

Zion Day

We met our beautiful baby boy today!  He is so amazing!  We were able to spend five hours with him, which was so much more than we thought we could. We left for a lunch break and to let the kids nap.  We had lunch at an authentic Ethiopian restaurant with two other couples that we have met here.  This is a picture of our meal.  It is eaten with your hands and injera, the country’s staple food. Keith & Holly and Anka & Andrew were able to share today’s special moments with us and have helped us document it well. 

I bet we gave Zion hundreds of kisses.  He took two short naps on us, but otherwise was so content to be held and rocked.  He did a little tummy time. He has great head control and can push his weight up on his arms.  He drinks milk from a cup, which was so surprising.  Yes, a cup, not a bottle!  We are unable to post any pictures of him until the adoption is final but we took a lot of incredible ones.  I am certain that I am in love with this tiny being, but there is so much more……

I love his long eyelashes.
I love kissing his cute cheeks.
I love his tiny toes.
I love his curly hair.
I love his homeland.
I love his beautiful smile.
I love his warm dark skin.
I love his milk breath.
I love his soft cry.
I love his little bottom.
I love his culture.
I love his “almost giggle”.
I love his snuggles.
I love his big brown eyes.
I love his grunting.
I love his story.
I love his stares.
I love his dried boogers, I do.
I love being his mommy. 

What a blessing he is to us!  Leaving him was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I cried our way home to the guesthouse and long for the day to bring him home.  Then I cried with immense gratitude and sadness for the birthmother who had to leave him just five months ago.  Please pray for her healing and comfort.

Court tomorrow, hoping to pass it without delays!!

Love, Shannon

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  1. yes!!! been waiting for this all day! congrats! can't wait to see his face! love yall! so so exciting to watch this play out! praying!